Otaku Toy Collection LLC

About us

Otaku Toy Collection LLC is a small business retail online store that had just recently started and have big dreams and ideas to make our business bigger.

I had started as an eBay seller under the username kimsae85 which is now changed to otakutoycollectionllc. I had some great experience with my customers and had listen to their feedback and advices and through that I had strive to improve my business practices and relationships with my customers. If you want to check out my eBay's feedback, click here.

Our mission is to sell and deliver the products in the condition you expect them to be, as we are also collectors ourselves and we would be very unhappy if the product got damaged or not what we expect them to be if we receive our orders like that.

Also to provide our customers a hassle free and no penalty fee for canceling preorders by providing a 90 days preorder cancelation after initial payment. We will not ask any questions or make our customers go through some hoops. If they wish to cancel their preorders, we cancel their preorders. Anything can help during that time and we will respect our customers wishes.

Your order will be handpicked, packed, and shipped with the utmost care so you would not have to worry about them getting damaged.

We have a passionate love for toys and collectibles and we are committed to helping you with a hassle free online shopping experience. If you have any comments, feedbacks, questions, or products you would like to see, you can contact us through our email.


Thank you for reading and taking an interest. We do hope to be of great service for you and provide your experience with us the best.

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