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[Out of Stock] Kakashi Hatake 1/6 Scale Posable Statue Naruto Shippuden


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Kakashi Hatake is expertly recreated as a 1/6 scale posable statue featuring interchangeable arms and heads allowing the collector to display him in a variety of poses.

The battle mode features Lightning Blade, the lightning which spreads and glows beautifully with the LED.

From holding the Kunai knife in his left hand, a bold look on his face with his SHARINGAN open and the explosive lightning effect recreated on the base, this piece is certain to please the most exacting collector!

The everyday Kakashi features a relaxed atmosphere holding the Make-out Tactics novel in his right hand. His heavy-lidded expression almost makes him look innocent, the final facial expression shows him calm with sparkling eyes.

In addition to capturing all the subtle textures and wrinkles this statue also captures the true nature of his character, making it the definitive Kakashi figurine

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